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'The True Time Image' is a written investigation into the use of film in communicating the most profound of human emotions, time. Below is an extract taken from the introduction:
What is time? This question is one that cuts to the heart of our human existence. We perceive a flow of moments that together constitute our life. From womb, to tomb, everything we think, do or feel, exists in time. It is the most universal of human feelings, and yet scientists and philosophers have repeatedly denied its objective existence beyond that of an illusion.
What I have set out through parts one, two, and three of this investigation is a proposal for a different logic of space, one that is governed by, but not limited to, our experience of time. The true-time-image is not an individualized area of filmic study, it is built on the principles of theoretical physics, in consideration of philosophy’s understanding of movement, and our own directly profound sense of time, to form a new relational philosophy. One of a duration, to replace the faith in transcendence to a timeless uniform state of reality, with one of an ever-expanding territory of intrinsic complexities, constantly shifting and re-shifting spatial sequences. One that any architecture must be.

With thanks to: Mark Campbell, Emmanouil Stavrakakis, Samantha Hardingham, David Greene, Giulio Bertelli and Bex Felton Shot 2015-04-13 at 10_10_30 PM.jpg shot 2011-11-07 at 8_48_39 AM.jpg and his sons.jpg TAIME_1.jpg